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Rochester Regional Healthcare Association is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 association whose membership is comprised of sixteen hospitals and their related health systems in the eight counties of Monroe, Livingston, Ontario, Wayne, Seneca, Yates, Steuben, and Chemung. The Association works with various peer groups comprised of representatives from its membership to enhance their organizations' ability to meet the healthcare needs of their communities by sharing information and best practices. We accomplish this through a variety of peer group committees which meet bi-monthly or quarterly throughout the year. These meetings are only open to the membership. The Rochester Regional Healthcare Association works closely with the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS) and the American Hospital Association (AHA), collaborating on many issues and activities.

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Rochester Regional Healthcare Association Family of Companies Announces Reorganization, Promotions and Welcomes New Hires

Rochester, NY (November 17, 2016) – The Rochester Regional Healthcare Association (RRHA) Family of Companies has announced an expansion and reorganization of all four entities within the organization. Over the past six months, the company has increased its staff and realigned the structure of both its for-profit and non-profit companies to help members better meet the healthcare needs in their communities.


“I’m thrilled to be able to say that we’re growing the family of companies,” said Travis Heider, President and CEO. “We’re enhancing the membership benefits of our healthcare partners and creating new opportunities for sustainable growth. This is a very exciting time for RRHA.”


Heider assumed leadership of RRHA in March of 2016. There are four individual, yet related businesses and organizations within the Family of Companies. They include Rochester Regional Healthcare Association, Rochester Regional Healthcare Advocates, RRHA Joint Ventures Corporation and Seagate Alliance, LLC.


All four companies have a shared goal of improving access and healthcare in the areas in which their members live, while minimizing costs.  The Association and Advocates are not-for profit associations whose membership consists of 16 hospitals and their related health systems in 8 counties in New York. The group’s primary focus is to enhance their organizations' ability to meet the healthcare needs of their communities by sharing information and best practices. Seagate Alliance and Joint Ventures Corporation are RRHA’s for-profit group purchasing organizations (GPOs) that have over 1,200 members in 26 states. (See below for a brief history of all 4 companies.)


In terms of the reorganization, RRHA’s for-profit-team businesses are now broken into teams defined by their areas of focus –acute care/surgery centers, continuum of care, and academia & business/industry. The expansion into new, non-healthcare markets is a new development for the company and it has the potential for significant growth. Within each group there is a team leader, account managers, supply chain manager and foundational support staff. Additional staffing has also been added to RRHA’s non-profit organizations as the groups start to focus on expanding the associations’ membership to include long-term care facilities and to help navigate the industry’s changing landscape through advocacy, education, career development and access to market analysis.   


“The new structure will provide for more focused strategic direction, take advantage of synergies, break down organizational silos and allow for clear communication and increased efficiencies,” said Karen Yacono, Chief Financial Officer.


As a result of the new structure, RRHA recently announced several changes to the companies’ leadership team, including 5 new hires and 3 promotions.


Promotions Include:

Karen Yacono – Chief Financial Officer/Executive Vice President

Jeanie Smith – Chief Strategy Officer

Melody Bianchi – Vice President, Sourcing and Business Development


New Hires:

Peter Knappen – Vice President, External Affairs & Business Development

Valerie Alhart –Senior Director, Marketing and Communications

Mary McLean – Director, Analytics & Insights

Terry Ovenshire – Director, Foodservice Sourcing & Business Development

Amie Kulak – Director, Quality and Education


Photos and bios for the entire leadership team can be found on the Seagate Alliance website. Additional information about the Family of Companies can be found at both www.rochesterregionalhealthcare.org and www.seagatealliance.com.  


Rochester Regional Healthcare Association Family of Companies: A Brief History

  • Rochester Regional Hospital Association was formed in 1947 and became the Rochester Regional Healthcare Association in 1998. RRHA convenes meetings for its member healthcare organizations.
  • Rochester Regional Healthcare Advocates was formed in 1988 advocating for legislation that affects its members.
  • RRHA Joint Ventures Corporation was formed in 1983 as a group purchasing organization to purchase goods and brokered services not available through larger, national GPOs.
  • Seagate Alliance was formed in 1994 and provides its members with maximum cost savings, enhanced operational and clinical efficiencies, and shared knowledge and experience. Seagate Alliance is an owner of Premier, Inc.



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